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The IoT Lighting Ecosystem

Dynamic IoT Features

Lighting Analytics

Knowing how well lighting is performing provides a whole new level of insight for businesses. By integrating Gooee’s hardware into a product range, businesses gain the benefit of actionable data analytics insights.

Building Intelligence

Welcome to a new approach to lighting and energy management; harnessing the processing power of the cloud to handle real-time data, while allowing independent operation on-premise.

Beacon Management

To meet the demands of emerging applications such as consumer engagement & indoor mapping, Gooee utilizes iBeacon + Eddystone technologies to deliver transformative beacon management services.

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Enterprise IoT Hardware

Smart Sensors

The eye of Gooee’s ecosystem is a custom engineered sensing ASIC, engineered to detect motion, direction, footfall, ambient light levels and temperature as well as monitor light output, colour temperature, colour quality, luminaire operating temperatures & more.

Wireless Mesh Control

To control luminaires, Gooee has developed its Wireless Interface Module (WIM). The WIM is a multi-dimming protocol device that communicates with the LED power supply & sensing Asics to provide luminaire control, monitor power consumption, deliver beacon functionality and to send data back to the cloud, via our enterprise gateway.

Enterprise Gateway

Each multi-protocol Gooee gateway is capable of singularly managing up to 250 nodes. When paired with Gooee’s Bluetooth ‘Pucks’ the gateway’s capabilities can be extended up to 1000 nodes, simultaneously communicating sensing data and actuation functions with no lag or latency.

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