How Gooee benefits OFFICE MANAGERS


I need an office space that puts both efficiency and employee wellness at the heart of its design to drive productivity. Employees are working remotely with flexible hours. It feels like there are many empty chairs and yet meeting rooms are never available. Is my space being used effectively?


Gooee’s lighting control system facilitates personalization of lighting spaces, enabling an employee to control their environment to fit their personal preferences. With compatible luminaires and algorithms, Gooee’s system enhances the lighting quality mimicking natural light, which is known to increase the productivity.


Utilizing high-density, low-resolution occupancy detection, Gooee optimizes building performance by mapping activity across the whole building. It detects occupancy of shared spaces & meeting rooms to determine the actual usage. With beacons, it can identify employees as they use and access these spaces, allowing managers to match actual usage with people & restructure their spaces to optimal layout increasing value per sq.ft.