Jan Kemeling

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer for Gooee, Jan Kemeling is responsible for business development and revenue on a global level.

With a strong background in sales and marketing, Kemeling is a loyal relationship-builder with an expansive international network. He has a proven track record built over more than 25 years on the international stage, with particular expertise within the (digital) consumer electronics, LED lighting and related digital component industries.

Kemeling established his first business in 2003 in China, carrying the company from scratch to a revenue of over €120 million within five years, and for which he won a China Traders’ Award. He later went on to co-found Ledzworld Technology in 2008  to deliver multiple award-winning, high-powered LED units to OEM Lighting Brands.

Kemeling has strong international links from his early career when he was responsible for creating and maintaining distribution channels, and developing international partnerships. Today, he has extensive experience in (digital) electronics engineering and manufacturing, often working with highly specialized engineering teams.

Kemeling has working experience in all continents and has lived and worked abroad for 25 years, with working experience in over 40 countries. Extremely well travelled, he also speaks six languages. A creative, driven, award-winning entrepreneur, he has earned multiple innovation awards.

Kemeling holds a bachelors degree with a major in Marketing Management from the International Institute of Hospitality Management (University of Applied Sciences) in The Hague, The Netherlands.