Office building at night all lights are on

Building Bright: Gooee’s youngest & latest partner

Building Bright founders

“When you drive along the highway around Amsterdam, the Zuidas, in the evening, and more than ten buildings are fully illuminated, while only three people are at work, this seems insane! It is now possible to add sensor control, enabling you to always have the appropriate amount of lighting on for the number of people working,” says Diederick Willemsen, one of the founders of Building Bright.

Walk the talk

Last year, Building Bright was founded by François van Burk and Diederick Willemsen. Together they visited Aurora, one of Gooee’s partners, in England. “We were already in the run-up to start Building Bright, but our visit confirmed our hunch. Currently, lighting is primarily very static. Gooee is going to help us make it more dynamic,” explains François van Burk. The two men set to work and launched Building Bright shortly thereafter. This organization plays two parts: supplier of all hardware and installation components – from sensors to lighting components. In addition, it also has an advisory role: which lighting is best suitable for a building and how can smart lighting transforms a building into a smart building.

The two founders have not known each other for very long, but can’t wait to take an exciting step into the unknown together. Just a year ago, the world of smart lighting was completely unfamiliar to Diederick Willemsen. He has led various interior design projects, among other things, and was responsible for installation projects for building owners and users. “Lighting is part of the interior, but at that time, it did not grab me. I often came across building owners who wanted an optimal building, built at the lowest price possible. Upon completion, tenants are responsible for the costs if they want to make adjustments to a room. In short, the cost of flexibility has to be paid by the tenant. By integrating smart lighting, we can control this more easily in the future. It also increases our knowledge of buildings. “

François van Burk is no stranger to the lighting industry. For example, he has been buying his materials from Sylvania Lighting for a number of years, has led several large-scale LED lighting projects, and real estate development projects such as venture capital and private equity. Francois van Burk: “At a certain moment, everyone was only talking about energy transition and improving sustainability. I saw many opportunities I wanted to set in motion with Sylvania Lighting. In the end I convinced them to re-establish contact with Gooee.”

Multiple product lines

As a supplier, Building Bright works not only with Sylvania Lighting, but also with Aurora Lighting. Diederick Willemsen: “We now focus on these two brands, but we are certainly open to innovation. Building Bright wants to offer multiple product lines. When someone develops a cool sensor or a lamp with a smart design, we will certainly consider adding it to our collection. Yet, the customer is not always about design, but mainly about quality. That is why we always opt for an A-brand.”

François van Burk adds: “Aurora has already come far with integrating Gooee into their lighting. And we can approach Sylvania Lighting in two ways: as partner for the supply of lighting and for the Gooee hardware. With these two parties on our side, we are absolutely able to serve the entire market.”

In the meantime, Building Bright is gradually spreading the Gooee story. Just like other parties, they can’t wait to see Gooee ‘live’. Diederick Willemsen: “We are still a bit cautious. Because if Gooee’s products deliver on their promise, we have something awesome in our hands. I think we might underestimate how big an impact this will have on our daily lives.”

François van Burk: “One of the largest real estate consultants, Croonwolter & dros, starts using Gooee. The same applies to the lighting manufacturers Sylvania Lighting and Aurora. These big players recognize Gooee’s added-value. For example, organizations no longer have to pay for dozens of licenses. And this is just one example. Recently, someone I have a close working relationship with told me: “If I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to change something about a room, it sounds like a perfect solution.”

Gooee’s Benjamin

Building Bright is Gooee’s smallest and youngest partner. The question is whether they are ready for possible growth. Diederick Willemsen: “Undoubtedly. We have all the logistics and resources in place to make this a success. We are not worried about this at all. We are going to help everyone with an interest in making their building smart!”