BuildView™ is an integrated building identity and optimisation solution.

Manage all major subsystems alongside front-end spatial data. Optimise a building's performance, save energy and create a more dynamic, engaged occupant experience.

Interoperable with all major BMS systems, BuildView™ avoids expensive, specialist integrations.

Gain control of your building with an IoT optimised, building performance solution; integrating Lighting, HVAC & Energy Management down to the logic level.


  • Interoperable, open architecture
  • Preserve existing BMS infrastructure
  • Single-pane view of spatial sensing, lighting, HVAC & energy subsystems
  • Operational efficiency, costs savings & dynamic, event driven actions
  • TÜV’s ‘Protected Privacy IoT Service’ certification
  • Interoperability across connected devices via IP, API & Bluetooth SmartMesh
  • Generate insights from aggregated data
  • Command and control, optimisation strategy
  • Edge-based rules & cloud-centric analytics
  • Efficient data capture; instantaneous, on demand retrieval, analytics and actions
  • Remote, cloud-centric accessibility to data and systems



Gooee unifies the latest technologies in sensing and edge analytics, future proofing a customer site and integrating back-of-house to front-of-house.

Introducing rules both at the edge and in our cloud to drive efficiency and optimisation of all building subsystems throughout a robust and secure network.

Incremental savings and user benefits are realised when BuildView™ is combined with lighting control via LightView™ and spatial sensing data from SpaceView™

Energy savings increase when static scheduling is augmented with live, granular data on occupancy and building usage across a single building or an entire estate.

- Circulate fresh air when air quality drops

- Dynamically alter HVAC setpoint based on room occupancy and headcount

- Autonomous lighting control based on occupancy, ambient light levels and time of day

- Occupancy based controls increase mean time to failure of systems with reduced maintenance


Gooee works with Industry leading technology partners to deliver a best-in-class solution that can reside in any corporate real estate, retail or hospitality environment.

Certified frameworks & Tier 1 hardware technology suppliers connect into Gooee’s TÜV certified, Building Operating System.

Where data resides and how it is managed is of critical importance to any business.

Gooee has become the first platform to achieve TÜV’s ‘Protected Privacy IoT Service’ certification.

The certification covers a wide area of topics to ensure all aspects of a system are protected; including data encryption and cryptography standards, secure data handling, infrastructure access, and management.


EnergyView™ Analytics

  • Time series based data
  • After 30 days, smallest unit = hourly
  • Historical dashboards
  • API access
  • Example datapoints for BuildView™
  • Power (W)
  • Power (kWh)
  • Power cost
  • Power factor


  • Command and control optimisation strategy
  • Dynamic Link into LightView™ and SpaceView™

Estate Manager Analytics

  • Estate-wide benchmarking & management
  • Comparative analytics – discover underperforming sites across your CRE (Corporate Real Estate)
  • Estate level – min, max & averages
  • Building performance signatures & paretos
  • Building asset management
  • Additional visualisations and dashboards