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Full-Stack Testing

Performance analysis

Analyse full system performance in a large scale real-world environment, allowing measurement of end-to-end latency & control responsiveness in a myriad of real-world situations.

Mesh characterisation

Measure Bluetooth Mesh characteristics, in situations ranging from “sunny day” to “busy office” simulated environments, with controllable & scalable levels of radio interference.

Firmware optimisation

Optimise Gateway and Node firmware using results from full system testing, pinpointing areas of code that can be refactored and streamlined, then rapidly verified in an automated setting.

HSI Debugging

Debug hardware/software integration issues within a real-world setting, with the ability to auto-deploy new software builds in a scalable matter, then rapidly test and iterate upon them.

Stress testing

Analyse system handling of stress test scenarios, from unexpected power losses to extreme radio interference to the responsiveness of “button mashing” fixture commands.

Edge case testing

Test “what if” scenarios that are unlikely to occur but expected to be handled gracefully; in the real world strange situations will always arise that should be proactively handled in code.

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