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The eye of Gooee’s ecosystem is a custom engineered sensing ASIC, designed to capture environmental data and human activity, along with the capability to monitor LED chip performance.

Facing downwards – the sensors detect motion, direction, footfall and ambient light levels and temperature. Upwards – the sensors monitor light output, colour temperature, quality and operating temperatures.

Furthermore, they calculate the luminaire’s life period since its beginning, facilitating extended warranty opportunities.

Gooee has an ability to integrate its own external sensors or those of a 3rd party, enhancing sensing capabilities for multiple applications.


An on-board processor can locally analyze the data it receives, greatly reducing the amount of data sent back to the Gateway. Smart algorithms determine whether collected data needs to be immediately uploaded or can be transmitted at a later time when the network is less occupied / idle.

This speeds up local response times to changing conditions and is updatable over-the-air to improve performance.

All this is packaged into a 5 millimetre squared chip and integrated into a variety of luminaires and remote modules. We call this…nSense.

Wireless Interface Modules

To control the luminaires, Gooee has developed its Wireless Interface Module, or WIM. The WIM is a multi-dimming protocol device that communicates with the LED power supply and sensing ASICs to provide control over the luminaire, monitor power consumption, provide beacon functionality for consumer engagement and send data back to the cloud via our gateway.


WIMs, which will be available later in 2017, can be manufactured as stand alone external devices, ideal for retrofit solutions with 0-10V, 1-10V or Dali drivers. For a lower cost, single box solution, lighting OEMs can enable their existing drivers by integrating Gooee smart components into their designs.

The WIM is mains powered, in-line with the driver or fitting, meaning the total wattage can be read from the connected endpoints.

Through the WIM, lighting can be controlled with 0-10V but there are adjustable parameters, for example 0-1V or 1-10V. It can also output Dali and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signals. I2C sensors provide power & two-way communication with Gooee’s sensors, for which there is a local debug, reset button & visible LED indicator to display functionality.

Data from sensors is encrypted locally and communication between WIMs and Gateways is encrypted using AES128 within the mesh.

Enterprise Gateway

Each multi-protocol Gooee gateway is capable of singularly managing up to 250 nodes. When paired with Gooee’s Bluetooth ‘Pucks’ you extend the gateway capabilities up to 1000 nodes, simultaneously communicating sensing data and actuation functions with no lag or latency. Gateway interaction can be conducted via the web, Android, iOS and even on the gateway itself through the adjustment wheel and display.’

Using Gooee’s scalable, distributed gateway environment, multiple gateways can operate 1000’s of nodes in unison and be managed locally or remotely via a single interface. Gooee’s sensors, WIMs and Gateways allow for over-the-air updates and adjustable calibration parameters for future proofing.

The API provides three types of keys to control access, with all keys generated by a slow salted-BRcrypt algorithm and checked at run-time for unicity. The engine provides a fine-grained, secure Authorization & Access Control mechanism to support the multi-tenant nature of the environment.


Data sent to the cloud from the gateway is extremely secure. State-of-the-art encryption mechanisms such as bcrypt and Two Factor Authentication are used to ensure only authorized parties can decode data.

Partnering with a leading Wireless IC company, groundbreaking bluetooth meshing firmware has been co-developed for Gooee’s ecosystem. Using this meshing protocol, the WIM’s talk to Gooee’s distributed gateway environment, enabling enterprise scale installations that deliver optimum performance and reliability.

IoT Platform

The cloud platform is the brain of the ecosystem. Gooee’s enterprise cloud has been designed to manage the high-velocity/high-volume transaction data from the on-premise environment and provide an extensible platform to develop applications and data visualizations through its API & SDK.

Employing the latest security implementations in every area, the Gooee cloud is a highly secure, scalable and robust platform on which to develop service-driven applications for the lighting sector.

Every device on the Gooee network is assigned a unique ID, allowing us to individually address them to control and read sensing data.

Energy management

Bulky standalone sensors, utilized sporadically have helped to reduce energy consumption in lighting, but combining motion, motion vector, ambient light levels, temp and more into sensors that can go in every fixture along with individual addressability means the maximum energy savings can be achieved every time with a Gooee deployed system.

Lighting analytics

By tracking light intensity and color through the life of the fixture and analyzing this data through the power of cloud computing, means we can generate depreciation curves that takes into account previous usage - however sporadic that may be. Allowing predictions per fixture on when to expect to replace, giving more insight than has ever been possible before.

Enterprise control

Gooee have an on and off premise solution, which gives all the known benefits of a local / instant reacting lighting control solution combined with the machine learning, data storage, mining and computing power of the cloud as well as complete autonomy when needed and off premise adjustments when required.

Predictive maintenance

With supplier data, fixture data, installer data and lighting analytics per fixture, never before has it been so easy to automate and carry out planned maintenance of a lighting system, reducing the cost to maintain and the frequency to manually intervene.

Commissioning & provisioning

Pairing of physical items to a cloud identity is the bridge between knowing and not knowing what is happening, we provide the tools to provision the system with enriched and relevant data tie ins, along with a simplified and easy to use commissioning process taking into account the many varying ways light fixtures are delivered and installed today.


App Layer

The app layer represents Gooee’s Enterprise Portal,
a web based entry point for all system users, including:

  • Gooee
  • Manufacturers
  • End Users
  • Installers
  • Developers

This Application Layer is sitting on the cloud engine and has been particularly developed for situations that are relevant to the lighting industry, unlike most cloud engines which are mostly generic and not user friendly for developers.

Additional account types can also be created with varying abilities. Within Gooee’s app layer all administrative, development, functional and reporting aspects of the system exist & additional capabilities can be developed and distributed.

Gooee’s app layer is the core system for all users and will present a dynamic interface that exposes the relevant functionality depending on the account type.

It allows them to manage their devices across a configurable logical grouping structure, including sites, buildings, floors, zones and rooms. There will be a core suite of functionality for control, scheduling and energy reporting and additional 3rd party plugins can be installed to provide a richer experience and presentation of data.

Additional plugins and data visualizations will be possible by securely exposing the data and functionality through different APIs; a REST API for interacting with the system and simple data retrieval and one for the querying of data in bulk along with the real-time streaming of data.

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