First Gooee Smart Building in The Netherlands

Koopman | Interlight Opens First Gooee Smart Building in The Netherlands

Gooee is delighted to announce that Platinum Innovation Partner Koopman | Interlight has opened their first Gooee Smart building using Gooee’s IoT Building Intelligence Platform. 

Koopman | Interlight welcomed their customers to their completely refitted building. Not only have they completed an entire makeover on the interior of their impressive modern building, they now have a fully smart building running on the Gooee portal.

The beautifully designed interior has been fully fitted with Gooee sensors to monitor and analyse the occupancy per room, desk and office areas, and monitor energy usage. All Interlight luminaires can be wirelessly controlled over Gooee’s Bluetooth mesh network, both locally and via the cloud, all without latency.

Furthermore, it features a beaconing network that is managed and controlled from the same Gooee portal.

During the next few months, Koopman | Interlight will keep adding new service features such as predictive maintenance, space utilization and optimization, energy analytics, asset tracking, direct engagement with the occupants in the building and more.

Congratulations to Koopman | Interlight for a hugely successful launch!