Gooee TUV Rheinland Privacy achievement

Gooee 1st to achieve IoT Data Privacy Certification from TÜV Rheinland

Gooee, the IoT Building Intelligence Platform, has achieved the IoT Data Privacy certification offered by the global testing service provider TÜV Rheinland.

The “IoT Protected Privacy Service” certification was developed by TÜV Rheinland in 2017 in response to the growing IoT market and is based on the actual, applicable European data protection laws and regulations. Gooee began the process in February 2018. It has become the first platform to achieve the certification after several months of auditing and infrastructure analysis.

Simon Coombes, CTO and co-founder of Gooee, led the process and commented “Privacy and security is a primary concern to any business looking at any kind of cloud solution, having a tangible means to prove our compliance in both areas is essential for any cloud platform to be taken seriously.”

Simon added “An immense amount of work has gone into this certificate by Gooee engineers and while it was certainly challenging to complete, we feel extremely happy the Gooee platform is now verifiably secure. Our decision to work with TÜV Rheinland was based on the fact their certificate covered all the areas we wanted verified in our platform; data privacy as well as security.  The team were fantastic to work with, and we look forward to our continued relationship with TÜV Rheinland as we periodically review and audit the system.”

The certification covers a wide area of topics to ensure all aspects of a system are protected; including data encryption and cryptography standards, secure data handling, infrastructure access, and management. Gooee is also working to achieve the equivalent TÜV Rheinland product-centric certificate known as the “IoT Protected Privacy Product” for its various hardware components.

“The ‘Protected Privacy IoT Service’ certificate focuses on the service and the interface or application (e.g. web service) that is connected to an IoT device. To enable a device to be controlled via an application, data is transferred to the service provider and processed there. A total of 26 partially very complex requirement groups are tested, this includes various tests on the system architecture. Such tests require a high degree of trust, openness and willingness to cooperate on the part of the manufacturer to be certified. As with Gooee, these requirements were met in an excellent manner,” says Udo Scalla, Head of Center of Excellence IoT Privacy at TÜV Rheinland.

Gooee will be exhibiting at UK Construction Week on 9th – 11th October, where they will be announcing several new features on their platform.

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