Gooee Wins Award for Most Innovative Use of Software or Cloud Technology

The Go:Tech Awards, held on 22 November 2018, celebrate businesses and entrepreneurs leading the way in technology and innovation. Gooee wins ‘Most Innovative Use of Software or Cloud Technology’.

Gooee completed a thorough examination process where they had to demonstrate ultimately why Gooee was created, the problems it is solving, the impact on businesses and legacy use of the software and hardware. Here is what we shared with them and how we have won this impressive Award.

What is Gooee?

Gooee is an IoT Building Intelligence Platform that combines hardware and software to unify building control, communication, sensing, and data analytics.

Focusing on three key areas: Energy – Space – People, Gooee provides real-time interaction between the different networks within a building. Namely, the People (the moving network with their mobile devices), gathering data from the ‘Spatial Network’ (light, occupancy, temperature, humidity etc), and the buildings back-end Network (heating, cooling, lighting, energy meter subsystems)

Single Pane View

With many building systems being expensive, hard to retrieve data from and also not able to communicate with each other Gooee has created a Single Pane View so that the convergence of infrastructure and data gives back control of building to owners, managers and tenants. A key aspect of Gooee’s platform uses lighting-as-a-host for communication, sensing and beacon technology creating an IoT network for intelligent buildings and connected communities.

Connecting People & Space

By looking at the Building Intelligence as a whole Gooee is able to bring the people and building systems together into a connected environment that drives energy costs down, utilises space to its full capacity and enhances the experience of the tenants.

Open Solution

The applications for Gooee are endless as it’s Android-style solution allows it to be Open, Interoperable and Accessible, benefitting retail, offices, hospitality, real estate sectors and beyond.

Plans for the future

The strategy for Gooee is to use Lighting-as-a-Host for a communications and sensing backbone for smart buildings. Disrupting legacy control by building an open IoT platform for the lighting industry. A dedicated team is constantly developing new features, algorithms, data visualisations and expanding the capabilities of the Gooee platform. Our goal is to provide the richest suite of tools that brings everyone: energy savings, building efficiencies and intelligence, and a new wave of revenue generation opportunities. Learn More