Gooee Wins Two Rabobank Innovation Awards at Building Holland 2019

Gooee has just completed an impressive event at Building Holland in the RAI, Amsterdam. After three successful days consisting of speakers, panels and industry insights, Gooee has increased its presence in the Benelux market launching its IoT Building Intelligence Platform and picking up some significant additions to the trophy cabinet…

What is the Rabobank Innovation Challenge?

As a partner of Building Holland, Rabobank sponsors the Innovation Challenge. With this Award, Rabobank stimulates innovation throughout the entire chain. Roel van de Bilt, director of Real Estate Finance at Rabobank believes it is important that companies in the construction industry can grow through sustainability and technological innovations, so that they can produce cheaper, deliver faster and build in a sustainable manner in order to arrive at a better end product. “The distinctive character and efficiency of the construction sector is increasingly determined by the degree to which people are able to innovate and work together. With the collaboration with Building Holland and this award, we want to encourage the construction sector to actively innovate in the areas of circularity, digitization and energy transition.”

There were over 150 contenders who were challenged to innovate, being judged on impact, scalability, degree of renewal and customer value.

The Awards & Gooee’s Innovation

Gooee has excelled in its field, quickly becoming one of the leaders in IoT building software, developing their technology with quality and value as a focus.

They were awarded Best Innovation for the Digitalisation category and the Best Overall Technology in the Property Technology space. These awards further solidify the hard work Gooee have put into developing a solution that has a unique offering that gives control back to the people trying to manage and operate within buildings.

Gooee CEO & Founder, Andrew Johnson, accepts Overall Rabobank Innovation Challenge Award at Building Holland 2019.

Why Gooee?

Gooee won the Innovation Challenge due to its innovation meeting the demanding criteria of the judges. For example, how does Gooee contribute to solving one or more social themes, create a better building solution and show real business case examples of the ability for the solution to be upscaled? It was especially crucial to demonstrate how Gooee increases the value perspective of and for the building owner.

Gooee’s IoT Building Intelligence Platform unifies building control, communication, sensing, and data analytics like no other smart building solution. Platform applications focus on Building Performance Solutions for tenants, facility managers, and owners. This convergence of infrastructure and data drives software-based solutions offering end users building performance and operational benefits for multiple applications and varying sized enterprises.

Neil Salt, MD & Co-Founder explains, “Through our cloud connected platform you can easily combine LightView™, BeaconView™ and SpaceView™ to provide personalised lighting control based on user position and identify. Hook it up to BuildView™ and now you can dynamically control the HVAC or provide access control solution. The possibilities are endless when you develop solutions on our API to take data out. or input data to, the Gooee DataBrain which is where we securely store and organise all data.”

Another stand out innovation is Gooee’s ‘Single-Pane View’. It allows users to peel back the layers of a building, its systems and data, bringing it all together, giving a 360° visualisation on building data all in one place, enabling customers to align their business goals and value propositions around it.

Tying this altogether is their state of the art sensor…

The eye of Gooee’s platform is their unique sensor platform. It is designed to capture environmental data and human activity, along with monitoring the luminaires performance. Facing downwards – the sensor has the capability of detecting motion, direction, ambient light levels and local operating temperature.

Gooee’s sensor board is designed for discrete integration into a variety of luminaires providing a convergence of technology infrastructure within buildings, using lighting-as-a-host.

Gooee has come a long way and is developing industry leading solutions and offering versatile value propositions across multiple applications. To find out more please download our press kit or contact us at