Backend Engineer

Backend Engineer

Gooee is seeking a backend engineer to join our journey to revolutionize the enterprise IoT ecosystem. The backend team is responsible for planning, architecting, and supporting backend applications and, to some degree, the infrastructure behind it all. The current task landscape is great for a jack-of-all-trades developer that loves to get their hands dirty architecting solutions across the backend spectrum; external and internal APIs, relational and nosql databases, infrastructure automation, CI/CD, analytics pipelines, and know when/where a tool or language should be used over other alternatives. We are a highly collaborative team and have a passion for refining the software engineering process so that we can move fast, have fun, and deliver quality work.

We are headquartered in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, but remote is OK. 


The Stack

  • We write lots of modern Python.
  • We utilize Go for constrained environments, and when we need the performance/memory profile, but are generally migrating to using this more.
  • We maintain a spattering of other languages; Erlang for MQTT, Node for Google Assistant, and a few others crop up from time to time.
  • We utilize a gamut of AWS infrastructure; both on the application server side and analytics.
  • CI/CD, automation for infrastructure and code, and observability/instrumentation are first class citizens (lots of docker).
  • Django is used heavily for a public facing API service along with several supporting services running in AWS Lambda.
  • Analytics is generally Python and based around streaming data to both batch and real-time systems using AWS analytics primitives.
  • We work with embedded teams to create and maintain on-premise device connectivity to the Cloud and support various higher level code functions on on-premise devices distributed around the world.


Our Team

  • Collaborative; we pair program, whiteboard, code review, and push each other.
  • Half of the team is in the office when they aren’t working from around town and half are distributed around the US.
  • DevOps culture so we typically treat AWS services as developer primitives (and we do the infrastructure as code thing in CI/CD).
  • Developers have the opportunity to get their hands dirty with architecture/infrastructure.


Desired Skillset

  • A deep understanding of distributed programming concepts and are able to identify the patterns necessary for a scalable, robust, and reliable service.
  • Ability to reason about performance benefits and tradeoffs in software and infrastructure design decisions.
  • Comfortable with contributing to a collaborative development environment both within the team and across the organization. We are true “full stack” since we are from silicon to the cloud, so there are several teams with which to interact and collaborate.
  • Know what tests need to exist to prevent regressions and find performance bottlenecks.
  • Know what metrics need to be created or monitored to alert on abnormal operation and to aid in capacity/scale planning.
  • Desire to automate processes to keep the team moving efficiently and safely.
  • Familiar with developing solutions that scale to meet scenarios of high-velocity data ingestion and processing.


Benefits & Perks

  • Exciting start­up
  • Diversity of language, technologies, and fun stuff to get into
  • Monthly hack days
  • Health, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • 15 days PTO + separate sick day quota
  • 401K plan
  • Internal growth