Backend QA Engineer

Backend QA Engineer

Gooee is seeking a backend QA engineer to join our journey to revolutionize the enterprise IoT ecosystem. Working directly with the backend team, you’ll be automating test and regression suites to set the bar of quality in an automated fashion so that new features go out well tested and regression free. You will build tools, develop testing strategies, and be an advocate of maintaining a high bar of quality throughout the backend ecosystem. Though some manual testing will arise on the occasion, this is a development position with the goal of automating as much work as possible.

We are headquartered in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, but remote is OK.



You will be working with, but not limited to, backend systems such as:

  • Analytics – data pipelines and big data warehouse
  • Cloud API – the API that powers Gooee systems
  • Gateways / Devices – We are an IoT platform and make/integrate with a variety of hardware systems
  • Jenkins – what we use to automate most things (though if you have your favorite tool, let’s talk!)
  • You will not be responsible for frontend or mobile app testing


Desired Skillset

  • Proficiency in Python or Go (easy enough to learn if you have experience elsewhere)
  • Basic understanding of SQL (for Analytics testing)
  • Linux / OS X command line experience
  • Comfortable with contributing to a collaborative development environment both within the team and across the organization. We are true “full stack” since we are from silicon to the cloud, so there are several teams with which to interact and collaborate.
  • Desire to automate processes to keep the team moving efficiently and safely.
  • REST API concepts (GraphQL to be added eventually)

Bonus Points

  • AWS experience
  • Docker experience
  • QA experience
  • Understanding of distributed system concepts
  • BDD – behavior driven development
  • GDPR best practices
  • Security auditing


The Team

  • Collaborative; we pair program, whiteboard, code review, and push each other.
  • Half of the team is in the office when they aren’t working from around town and half are distributed around the US.
  • DevOps culture so we typically treat AWS services as developer primitives. (and we do the infrastructure as code thing in CI/CD)
  • Developers have the opportunity to get their hands dirty with architecture / infrastructure.


Benefits & Perks

  • Exciting start­up
  • Diversity of programming languages, technologies, and fun stuff to get into
  • Monthly hack days
  • Health, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • 21 days PTO + separate sick day quota
  • 401K plan
  • Internal growth