KLD & Gooee partnership gathers further steam

When Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD) and Gooee signed their partnership agreement for knowledge exchange and potential collaboration in projects at the beginning of this year, it was with the shared conviction that the IoT, lighting and lighting design would integrate rapidly.

The fast-growing demand for smart IoT enabled data infra-structures using light as a host has led to the official launch of KLD’s dedicated platform called Lighting Design of Things, or LDoT, to facilitate the convergence of the IoT and architectural lighting design.

With a dedicated website www.lightingdesignofthings.com and its name now officially trademarked, the industry has been abuzz with the potential that the LDoT platform as facilitator for the integration of IoT into lighting and lighting design is offering.

Since the beginning of the year, KLD’s founder and director, Martin Klaasen, as well as business development director, Ingmar Klaasen, have been actively lobbying and invited to present their visionary LDoT concept to many leaders in the industry. Key developers, hotel operators and building facility managers, but also architects and other design specialists have been keen to get a better understanding of the benefits of having a specialist lighting designer take charge in facilitating this IoT integration into lighting.

Comparing the development of the lighting luminaire to that of the mobile phone 10 years or so ago, it is not difficult to see that today’s LED lighting technology development, with the lighting points already being a digital hub by itself, will soon follow suit.

Tomorrow’s lighting point will (like the smart phone of today) predominantly perform IoT and data analytics functions with the actual lighting function, only being a proportionally small part of its capabilities. However, it will always remain a very visual architectural lighting element in space and hence the proposed new role of the Lighting Designer of Things of being the gatekeeper and guardian of good quality lighting and design standards to safeguard the integrity of professional lighting design.   

The cooperation has amongst others led to pilot projects with JLL, one of the real estate giants in the industry keen in exploring how Gooee and KLD’s LDoT platform could be applied beneficially to further reduce costs and maximise the human experience. 

JLL’s Liquid Lab Marketing event that will run over the next 12 months will run in Singapore at the District 6 co-working space, will be a show case of the opportunities to developers and investors which besides the KLD/LDoT – Gooee cooperation will also see the participation of smart leaders like Dell, Ericsson, Humanscale, JLLUIQ, District 6, Vodaphone, uHoo, Haworth and XPower. The project is currently being implemented.

In a second pilot with JLL in Singapore KLD/LDoT and Gooee will design and install a smart lighting point integrated data infra-structure that will harness the power of Gooee’s scalable ecosystem with the latest in sensor technology and data analytics at a dedicated office floor of their head office. The integration with lighting will be integral to the design approach which is currently being developed for later implementation this year.

Martin and Ingmar Klaasen, who are both spearheading the LDoT development within KLD, as well as Gooee’s, Jan Kemeling, who have been working together closely on these projects, are expecting great things to come out of this collaboration and view this as a very important step towards the future world of lighting integrated IoT.

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