LFI 2017 Embraces IoT

Thank you to all who joined us at the 28th Lightfair International in Philadelphia, May 9-11 2017.

We are thrilled with the amazing feedback and interest in Gooee’s IoT Lighting Ecosystem and thoroughly enjoyed demoing our platform, for what turned out to be, non-stop for the entirety¬†of the event. ūüôā We hope everyone benefitted from engagements with our team & welcome any additional queries you may have. For those unable to attend, we’ll do our best to summarize the fantastic event.


Gooee showcased various features of our platform that enable lighting companies to develop a range of smart lighting products & offer service-drive solutions. Specialist team members, who specialize in every aspect of our end-to-end IoT ecosystem, aimed to enlighten visitors through feature demos including energy savings companies can expect to achieve to highlighting customer engagement benefits, space optimization features to beacon tracking capabilities. 

Grouped into four categories, Gooee’s specialist applications are: Lighting Analytics, Building Intelligence, Space Optimization and Beacon Management. Together they offer an advanced, fully integrated & cost-effective IoT platform solution that will increasingly benefit users & provide expansive value-based opportunities to partners over time.




The accelerating adoption of LED lighting, spurred by advantages in safety, cost, durability & longevity, is on target to dominate the global industry by 2020, with several leading manufacturers already generating over 60% revenue from LED related products. 

Gooee‚Äôs ‚Äėfull-stack‚Äô operating platform uniquely enables lighting companies to develop a range of smart lighting products &¬†offer service-drive solutions.¬†

Whilst the increase in adoption is exciting, growing international LED supplier competition ‚Ästdriven by new materials & manufacturing processes ‚Äď as well as, large supplier mergers & acquisitions, are¬†pushing LED prices downwards & pressuring LED profit margins.¬†An effect of this trend is the¬†invalidation of many traditional OEM business models based on channel dominance and replacement sales.

The IoT, however, provides lighting suppliers with an unprecedented & unique opportunity to generate new revenue streams, across almost every customer vertical. Disruptive sensory/data enhanced IoT applications, when considered in terms of the ubiquitous nature of lighting in built environments, affords transformative opportunities, including the creation of new business models & the diversification of revenue streams, based on more circular, service-based business models, often dubbed ‚ÄúLaaS‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúLighting as a Service.‚ÄĚ





Lightfair International, the world‚Äôs largest annual architectural &¬†commercial lighting trade show, experienced a record turnout with over 28,000 attendees visiting 596 exhibitors. New in 2017, LFI introduced an IoT Pavilion as well as an Intelligent Lighting Pavillion ‚Äď both of which help to highlight the growing IoT lighting market demand & expansive opportunities for suppliers.