LightView™ PLUS extends on the foundation of a LightView™ installation with advanced systems features and benefits. Gooee Extensions are available to further enhance capability in Energy Analytics and Estate Management.

Lighting control is accessible via an API and interoperable with all major BMS solutions when combined with Gooee BuildView™


  • Daylight harvesting
  • Presence/absence detection
  • Rules engine and action prioritisation1
  • Energy reporting & storage2
  • Real-time energy visualisations
  • Unlimited scheduling & scenes
  • Remote management via web dashboard
  • Corridor hold1
  • Identity based control via beacon network3
  • Circadian Rhythm (2Q19)
  • Voice control
  1. 1 - Available 1Q19
  2. 2 - 14 days data storage included. Analytics extension required for long term storage & advanced queries
  3. 3 - Requires 3rd party iOS / Android App


Daylight harvesting systems allow buildings to maximise natural lighting in the workplace, thereby reducing and increasing the electrical lighting as and when needed.

Gooee manages the artificial lighting to ensure that the building is not over or under lit. As the amount of daylight increases in the morning, the level of artificial lighting is reduced. The opposite then occurs as the day gets darker, the level of artificial lighting increases as the level of natural light drops.


Motion sensing lighting systems work traditionally on presence or absence detection via motion sensors. When presence is detected in a room or space, lights can be told to energise or stay on until motion is no longer detected.

When this is combined with daylight harvesting, the system is truly intelligent, only energising the light if an individual is in a room and the required lux level cannot be achieved by the natural daylight. If there is a contribution from natural daylight then lights are only energised at the required percentage to further save energy and ensure a space is not overlit.


Immediate and accurate feedback of real-time energy usage. Using Gooee’s onboard technology to monitor lighting or link to 3rd-party systems to get information on additional energy consuming devices such as HVAC.

Monitor, manage and report on energy from a room-by-room basis to a full enterprise, allowing stakeholders to audit and manage assets according to actual data.

Action changes based on date and report back benefits. The open platform architecture of Gooee allows the building operator to take energy reporting to the next level, comparing energy usage from lighting to HVAC1 and other building assets and then reviewing it against headcount and space utilisation2 area across a building.

1 Requires Gooee BuildView™ and EnergyView™ subscription

2 Requires Gooee SpaceView™ subscription


Traditionally scenes and scheduled lighting events have to be set up by a commissioning engineer. Once these scenes and events are set, engineers have to be called back if the building owner would like to make changes to their own environment. With the Gooee platform Scenes and schedules can be remotely managed and edited by the building owner or facilities manager without the need for costly callouts. Lighting scenes can be configured to react based on motion, time of day, local control, remote access or a schedule; fully customizable and easy for any building owner or facilities manager to edit. This gives management of a built environment back to the owner or FM.


Scenes recalled via voice commands to Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.

Corridor Hold

Ensure lights stay on in corridor or space outside occupied rooms by linking the adjacent spaces to the sensor inside the occupied room.

Local Identity Room

Control lighting utilising positioning via Beacons and permissions based on rules engine/API integration to give local control via a user's mobile device or tablet.

– Reduce energy consumed by dimming lights when the sun is providing enough illumination
– Turn light on or off based on occupancy
– Enables users to set lighting schedules, e.g. by time of day and ambient light level

– Report in real time the energy being consumed in a building
– Fine tune building usate in realtime to make a positive impact on energy usage and building performance

EnergyView™ Analytics

  • Time Series Based Data
  • After 30 days, smallest unit = hourly
  • Historical Dashboards
  • API Access
  • Example DataPoints for LightView™:
    • Power (W)
    • Power (kWh)
    • Power Cost
    • Power Factor
    • Other Data Values available on request


  • Beacon Activation & Config
  • Beacon Deployment Visualisation (2Q19)
  • Beacon interactions via Dashboard1

1 Requires client app to register beacon interaction

Estate Manager Analytics

  • Estate-wide benchmarking & management
  • Comparative analytics – discover underperforming sites across your CRE (Corporate Real Estate)
  • Estate Level – min, max & averages
  • Building performance signatures & paretos
  • Lighting asset management
  • Additional visualisations and dashboards