A wireless lighting control system built on a scalable Bluetooth Mesh architecture
Lighting Control • Sensing • Beacons

Enterprise scale lighting control via Gooee’s wireless sensing, beacon & communications network, using lighting-as-a-host.

Fundamental lighting control capabilities designed for commercial, retail, hospitality & warehousing environments. Accessible via an API and interoperable with all major BMS solutions
Globally, we work with lighting brands to integrate or retrofit our sensing, beacons & MESHVIEW™ Bluetooth Mesh technology.

This creates additional value for the lighting company and a cost-effective, integrated solution for the end-user; saving money on install and ongoing maintenance.


  • Wireless dimming and switching
  • Robust building-wide Bluetooth Mesh infrastructure
  • Interface via local EnOcean switch
  • Interface via Gooee portal
  • Basic motion control (PIR replacement)
  • Scheduling1 & scenes
  • Advanced provisioning & commissioning
  • Offline control2
  1. 1 - Scheduling is limited to x2 per day
  2. 2 - Offline control via local rules and EnOcean; limited to 24hrs of interrupted internet connectivity. Local offline schedules due 2Q19



Futureproof infrastructure with multi-function,
Enterprise-scale, Bluetooth mesh
Additional light & occupancy sensors provide daylight harvesting & intelligent occupancy detection
Enhanced, personalised experience via iPad / wireless controllers
Individual luminaire level control to optimise the environment, or up to 1:8 WIM to driver ratio for cost efficiency
Embedded iBeacon & Edistone beacon technology to power indoor wayfinding, proximity notification and access control applications (Requires 3rd party software)

Gooee’s wireless lighting control system is built on a reliable MESHVIEW™ Bluetooth Mesh architecture that is revolutionising the way buildings and people interact.
Wireless switching and dimming control of luminaires in a building is achieved via a Gooee WIM, or a Gooee enabled driver.

Direct BLE communication between luminaires and mobile devices reduces commissioning times.
This removes the need for specialist programs to setup the lighting control features of the Gooee platform and further reduces the cost of ownership.

EnOcean switch
Gooee’s open platform architecture allows integration of the self-powered, wireless EnOcean switch. EnOcean switch is completely wire-free and can be surface mounted.
Gooee Portal
Control every light, scene or schedule via an easy to use and intuitive Gooee Portal.

Scheduling Configure time-based actions within a room, area, or an entire facility to be activated twice a day.
Scenes Create ambience, save energy and improve task lighting by the creation of lighting scenes to suit the individual need of each user of the Gooee platform.