Next-generation MIoT (Mesh Internet of Things) network for smart buildings

Gooee’s MESHVIEW™ is built on a scalable
Bluetooth Mesh architecture that will
revolutionise the way buildings & people interact.

Applications are built around accessing this physical network and our cloud platform. e.g. LIGHTVIEW™ - Wireless switching & dimming control of luminaires in a building is achieved via a Gooee WIM (Wireless Interface Module).
Using Gooee’s scalable Gateway environment, multiple Gateways can operate 100’s of nodes in unison & be managed remotely via a single interface. This creates the Bluetooth Mesh infrastructure which is the heart of the Gooee platform.

WIMs, MAPs (Mesh Access Points) & Gateways support over-the-air updates & adjustable calibration parameters for future-proofing. Once the building-wide Mesh infrastructure has been deployed into a built environment via each WIM, the Gooee platform is now online. The building owner or occupier can now choose to activate different levels of control, analytics, beacon management & 3rd party integrations across the operating platform.