Office App Enters The Gooee IoT Arena

We are excited and honoured to introduce the Office App. They believe an office should be so much more than a mere desk. A place that inspires you and where you can do your job effectively. A place that supports you with the proper technology. What a coincidence: they happen to offer the platform that happens to fulfil all these needs.

Office App is a real time-saver. It can help you carry out certain tasks a lot faster, such as booking conference rooms or parking spots, report a malfunction, register visitors or order a taxi. In addition, it also stimulates social cohesion within the building by offering access to the community, a direct-chat feature, events functionality as well as a marketplace where local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to sell products and services.

Thijs van der Burgt, CEO of Office App, explains “We make sure that employees are able to control and reach the entire office building from one central location, and have all the available services at their fingertips. This enables them to complete practical tasks much quicker, so they can focus on their work instead. The added bonus? You get more work done in less time, and this translates into more free time”.

Data takes centre stage

Services offered by Office App will ultimately lead to a higher retention rate. This holds true for the retention of both employees and tenants in an office building. Even in places where employees are considered the ‘main asset’, data will take centre stage.

We continuously use data in order to align the work environment with the user’s needs. We assess how people feel about the office building and, where needed, we tweak the App functionality in order to meet user requirements. Everything we do is GPDR compliant. We offer a superior user experience without compromising the user’s privacy.

The world of PropTech

Four years ago, Thijs van de Burgt entered the world of PropTech. “Initially, the real estate sector did not warm to the idea of applying technology in office buildings. This attitude has changed drastically, and now the concept is widely embraced by builders, real estate owners and property managers alike. There is no longer any doubt that technology results in more efficient buildings, a higher asset value and a superior user experience, so these exact same groups are now demanding innovation.”

Wouter Truffino of Holland PropTech came to the realisation that using the Office App in tandem with Gooee might meet user demands spot-on. This partnership came about at exactly the right moment for both Office App and Gooee.

It is incredibly complicated to achieve a first-time-right situation when combining sensor technology and hardware solutions. I am currently engaged in conversations with building owners and property managers who are searching for a scalable sensor solution. Gooee is a party that is dedicated to incorporating those options into their sensor solutions.

The interface between technology and people

While Gooee is all about the robust back-end, the Office App is mainly geared towards the front-end: our employees.

When we use Gooee’s sensor data and beacon data in combination with the Office App, it immediately becomes transparent what needs to be achieved in order to utilise an office space as efficiently as possible, and how we can offer our employees a superior user experience. Office App and Gooee are at the cutting edge of exactly those two elements. This is how we put it: we are an integration platform, and integrating the cream of the crop – parties specialised in sensors, meeting rooms, software and parking management systems – is what we do best.

“We combine the best of both worlds, in order to offer a rock-solid proposition. This collaboration provides us with the opportunity to supply our clients with the most complete service package possible.”

Building Holland

For now, the introduction of a scalable and well-integrated solution into the market, is at the top of our priority list. “I believe this will get anyone who visits Building Holland extremely excited.”

“Today’s technology of choice may not be what will excite people five years from now. Technology is constantly evolving. One of the best things about analysing data, is the fact that it continuously provides us with new insights. This, in turn, offers the opportunity to realise optimisation. In addition, human needs evolve. I am convinced that – within any organisation – there will always be room for improvement. I have no doubt that we will continue to tweak technology time and again over the next twenty years. I think the saying ‘testing the ground by walking on it’ definitely holds true in this case.”