Enterprise IoT Applications Engineered To Transform Performance & Achieve Energy Savings Of Up To 90%

Lighting Analytics

Knowing how your products are performing and when they will fail gives a whole new level of insight, by integrating Gooee’s Sensing and WIM hardware into your product range you gain the benefit of predictive performance.

  • Real-time Energy Consumption Analytics
  • LED performance metrics
  • Predictive end-of-life analysis

Building Intelligence

Welcome to a new approach to Lighting and Energy Management; harnessing the processing power of the cloud to handle real-time data, while allowing independent operation on-premise.

  • Multi-location, schedule and rule based lighting control
  • Granular view on real energy consumption
  • Secure interoperability through REST and Pub/Sub APIs

Beacon Management

To meet the demands of emerging applications like consumer engagement or indoor mapping, you need the latest technologies such as iBeacon and Eddystone. Gooee’s fully managed beacon infrastructure, delivered through your lighting network offers the next level of services to your customers.

  • Supporting iBeacon & Eddystone within WIM or Fixture
  • Allows for cycling of UDIDs network wide
  • Activation/deactivation via Cloud Portal or REST API

Customer Verticals

Gooee IoT applications are specifically engineered to benefit offices, retail, hospitality & logistics businesses






Offices are very dynamic environments and apart from bringing tremendous energy savings through optimised usage of devices, the Gooee platform will enable many applications related to how people work and move about.

Immediate value which Gooee could generate is based on space planning & optimisation applications. Sensors and beacon technology give clear insight in how people are using the space at various moments of the day, resulting in direct bottom line benefits as managers can reduce their office space or change office lay-out if they have insight in the real demand for space at any given time of the day.


Apart from tremendous energy savings through the optimisation of the usage of the lamps the retail vertical will specifically be able to benefit.

One of the most interesting features the Gooee platform can enable is the individual controllability/addressability of each luminaire. In fact this means that 1000 luminaires in a retail store could in principle have 1000 different unique settings (on/off, dimming, colour tuning etc) to create an ambiance that matches the products on display.


The hospitality market will tremendously benefit from Gooee applications. In addition to enormous energy savings, steep reductions of the cost of ownership of lighting and individual control over light fixtures to optimise scene setting and individual lighting experiences the guest will be enjoying.

Once guests have booked via the hotel chain’s app, they will be able to engage with the hotel when they are arriving at the lobby so that the hotel system can identify the guest and send them a digital key to their smartphone.


With industrial buildings consuming extensive energy for lighting, these premises will bring more monetary benefits to the end user than any other type of commercial building as a result of intelligent lighting energy savings.

Gooee sensor controlled smart algorithms will be able to determine the optimised light settings for every moment of the day and schedule lights to be actuated based on presence, ambient light levels, amount of activity per area.

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