Lighting OEM partners have full access to the Gooee ecosystem, enabling them to sell connected lighting solutions to their customers & create their own software applications powered by Gooee’s data engine.


  • Access to Gooee hardware & sensing solutions
  • Access to the Gooee software suite
  • Ability to build apps using the Gooee API
  • Dedicated technical & solutions development support

Gooee partnered with Aurora to develop the first connected luminaires, powered by Gooee. A worldwide supplier of retail & commercial lighting solutions, Aurora’s Axio range with integrated Gooee sensing technology brings premium lighting experiences with professional & software services to provide a full end-to-end lighting experience to customers.


One of Gooee’s platinum partners, Sylvania is a leading, full-spectrum provider of professional and architectural lighting solutions. Supplying internationally state-of-the-art products and systems, Sylvania is working with Gooee to deploy a range of connected luminaires with Gooee’s sensor and cloud technology.


Alliance Members



Design & Install partners are both trained & certified to deploy Gooee technology. Trained by Gooee specialists directly, they will be provided with full working knowledge of the system from installation and commissioning to user setup and ongoing support.


  • Access to the Gooee technical support team
  • Full training and certification process
  • Ability to expand services offered to include connected
  • Access to Project Management support

For the past 20 years, RSR has supported lots of great companies with their office design, construction and maintenance projects, creating inspirational workplaces that motivate staff and build businesses.

During this time, we have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding commercial design and build solutions, whilst providing the highest levels of customer service.

As one of the leading design practices in the world in hospitality, commercial and corporate lighting, Klaasen Lighting Design is always on the lookout for new technologies and lighting applications that will create added value for clients and operators as well as improve the experience for hotel guests.

KLD, as one of the very first lighting design practices in the world, has just launched its Lighting Design of Things platform providing an exciting new way to connect and partner with leading IoT players, be it manufacturers, developers, property owners, operators, architect, data system providers or other key project designers.



With the diverse opportunities within the smart building, one sensor cannot fit every need. Our Hardware Partners integrate with Gooee’s Building Operating Platform solution to extend sensor options available to building occupiers.

Through using a single Building Operating Platform, we reduce complexity for lighting OEMs, enabling them to focus on selling their lighting solutions to the customer.


  • Technical and development support from Gooee
  • Access to a wide network of lighting OEMs
  • Lever a single cloud platform with a growing set of integrations

PointGrab was founded by pioneers in ultra-price computer vision technologies. By combining a superior deep-learning technology and high resolution sensors, Cognipoint from Pointgrab is a sensor capable of efficient, real-time analytics providing deep visibility into occupant behavior and space utilization.

Working with Gooee’s platform, building occupiers have flexibility to use low-resolution and high-resolution sensors to suite varying smart building needs.

Xovis is a Swiss high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes a person tracking technology based on its own portfolio of world-class 3D person tracking sensors.

The goal of Xovis is to further improve its base technology close to perfection while on the same time implement solutions thereof with a strong focus on customer requirements. Xovis is the worldwide market leader in waiting time measurements and passenger flow analysis in airports today. The PC series sensors are establishing as the industry standard for people counting in retail applications.



Software Partners can integrate their applications into Gooee to gain access to a network of smart buildings to offer their solutions to. By removing the need to develop hardware solutions, Gooee enables software partners to focus on what they do best: offer software applications that are required for smart buildings.


  • Ability to build apps using the Gooee API
  • Technical and development support from Gooee
  • Access to the network of smart buildings powered by Gooee

Evrythng handles identity and authentication for smart devices, to make it easier for people and systems to interact with them and analyze their output – it’s keen on calling itself the "Facebook for things" & is helping to enable Gooee to create the "operating system for smart connected lighting." Lighting provides an ideal opportunity for Evrythng in regards to the internet of things due to its ubiquity. Buildings of all kinds are full of lights, and if those lights can be smartened up with sensors for lighting analytics, building intelligence & space management optimization.