Engineering the IoT, together.

Enocean wireless switch modules for BLE systems are enhanced for modern lighting control, using advanced harvesting to obtain energy from surroundings.

In addition to enabling self-powered wireless sensor networks, the technology includes miniaturized energy converters that convert motion, light or temperature differences into electrical energy.

Due the low power consumption of the EnOcean technology, the batteryless sensors and switchers are perfectly suited for use in smart buildings.

Dolphin’s energy harvesting technology facilitates communication between maintenance-free IoT devices based on a variety of wireless standards, such as EnOcean, ZigBee and BLE.

Nordic Semiconductor (‘Nordic’) is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power (ULP) short-range wireless communication in the license-free 2.4-GHz and sub-1-GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands. 

The nRF52 series SoC architecture is designed specifically to minimize average current consumption and enable single chip implementations of a wide range of wireless applications.

Gooee has partnered with DELTA to develop the world’s smallest sensor for LED lighting and the Internet of Things, that includes the latest Artificial Eye technology, following an exclusive agreement with DELTA Microelectronics – a European leader in fabless ASIC design, sensor systems, lighting & optics.

The agreement in effect creates a new ‘standard’ in sensing, data and control for the LED lighting industry, making Gooee the sole provider of this new, innovative Opto-ASIC technology, for integration into luminaire manufacturer.

Boasting multiple environmental, human and LED performance sensing capabilities, the advanced ASIC will be able to detect motion, direction, ambient light, LED colour temperature (CCT) variance, LED lux variance and ASIC operating temperature – all packaged in a 5 x 5mm chip.

“At present we are only scratching the surface in terms of what this chip can do,” said Gooee CTO Simon Coombes. “We are working on some really incredible functionality that will give Gooee & our customers a significant competitive advantage in IoT sensing.”


Evrythng handles identity and authentication for smart devices, to make it easier for people and systems to interact with them and analyze their output – it’s keen on calling itself the “Facebook for things” & is helping to enable Gooee to create the “operating system for smart connected lighting.”

Lighting provides an ideal opportunity for Evrythng in regards to the internet of things due to its ubiquity. Buildings of all kinds are full of lights, and if those lights can be smartened up with sensors for lighting analytics, building intelligence & space management optimization.

PointGrab provides smart sensor solutions to the building automation industry. The company applies its deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient, real-time analytics are lacking.

Smart sensors are crucial enabling elements of today’s building automation capabilities, providing the data required to optimize building operations, energy savings and workplace inteslligence. The ability to capture valuable data on how and where occupants use a building is a critical sensing breakthrough.

Founded by pioneers in ultra-precise computer vision technologies, PointGrab applies its superior deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient, real-time analytics are lacking.

With the advent of its CogniPoint edge-analytics sensing solution, PointGrab is fulfilling its mission of enabling truly intelligent buildings and highly effective Building Management Systems (BMS system) by providing visibility into occupants’ behavior and space utilization.