Employee experience improvements

Partnership with Gooee allows CBRE to focus on employee experience

Rick Jacobs CBRE director

“Since the installation of a Gooee test sensor in a meeting room, CBRE has become more aware of the way in which spaces in office buildings can be used in the future. We are currently renovating our office on Boeing Avenue in Schiphol-Rijk. We installed Gooee in this location in order to obtain an intelligent office as well as our own Gooee testing ground,” said Rick Jacobs, Managing Director Benelux and France at CBRE Global Workplace Solutions, Integrated Facility Management (GWS IFM).

Changing Role of Technology

In the world of Facilities Management, technology traditionally relates to operational activities, with the focus on back-of-house systems: FMIS or CAFM. Nowadays, systems increasingly focus on the end user. Words such as employee experience and hospitality have become increasingly more popular within the facility sector. Rick Jacobs noticed that this development has been going on for years within multinationals such as Google and Microsoft: “The number of organisations that are trying to achieve a better experience for the people in their buildings keeps growing. They want a high-quality experience. The use of apps and software supports this goal. We accelerate this process with Gooee’s technology. For me, it is therefore not a product of the future, but very much a current day product.”

A year ago, CBRE and Gooee met and started discussing the future. “We had the same vision of innovation. Annually, CBRE invests half of its profit in new technology. Occasionally technology organizations approach us, but this does not always lead to a successful partnership. Sometimes their product is not scalable or lacks sufficient funding. Gooee does not have these problems. Mutual trust and product safety ensure that we take the next step together. That is important for an organization such as CBRE.”

Rick Jacobs points out that there is no other party with a comparable product that is just as “simple” as “All Gooee’s components communicate with each other, it is scalable, an open platform and gives me the possibility to make a building – old or new, ‘smart’ within a day. That is exactly why Gooee’s product is so interesting to CBRE.”

Will the real estate sector ever depend on technology? Rick Jacobs does not expect this to be the case. “Technology is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our lives, but I doubt that it will ever take over completely. Technology supports our services, strengthens our processes and eliminates errors. But technology will never take over, certainly not in the coming years. Personal contact will always take precedence. Ultimately, the workplace is a place where people gather. It is more than just technology.”

New Propositions

Gooee’s products are an attractive option for CBRE for creating new propositions with a tremendous added-value for managing soft services at a client location. The Gooee system’s intelligence, and the data that the system provides, will soon provide answers to many questions. This could include the use of spaces and buildings, and the behavior and choices that users make. “We are emotionally aware of this, but we are not yet able to prove it with supporting figures.” Rick Jacobs: “The test sensor in our meeting room has led to many new insights, such as how to design our new rooms as efficiently as possible as well as the opportunities we have to save energy. Gooee advanced capabilities creates added-value for us and for our customers. That is why it is part of our existing services to discuss the possibilities of the Gooee system with our clients. In addition, we provide Gooee through business development as part of our new offers. Both with existing and new clients.

CBRE Present at Building Holland

CBRE focuses on real estate and housing aspects for global clients only. Currently, the interest in local clients is increasing.

Rick Jacobs: “We clearly communicate this at Building Holland. This is why we are one of the co-sponsors of the Gooee IoT platform. We opt for a domestic proposition with a focus on performing technical maintenance ourselves; a unique proposition in the Dutch market for integrated facility management.”

At Building Holland, CBRE, HumbleBuildings and Croonwolter&dros are launch partners of Gooee in the Netherlands. “We are now working together, but everyone is doing things their own way. We act primarily from the same point of view. Gooee needs parties like us to move forward.”

Rick Jacobs is not afraid of the competition. “The entire industry is trying to figure out how to proceed and what should be the next step. By working together we also gain a better understanding of technology, it makes it possible for us to develop a new standard. Standardising the way we do things on a technology platform helps us to accomplish this. It makes it easier for everyone. It would be wonderful if, eventually, Gooee were to become the standard.

Testing ground – The Netherlands

In view of new legislation pertaining to energy-efficient buildings, and the path building managers and owners must follow in order to obtain energy label C in 2023 and energy label A in 2030, there is more interest in this type of innovative technology in the Netherlands than in other countries. “Our country is an excellent yardstick. If our critical market accepts a new product, you are in a good place. In ten years, Gooee as we know it now will be the basis and backbone of how we manage intelligent buildings in the simplest way possible. I am convinced of it. Pilots show that so much more is possible now than a year ago, while Gooee is not even on the market yet. That makes this development very interesting,” Rick Jacobs concludes.


CBRE GWS is part of CBRE Netherlands. GWS is active as an integral facility provider with a strong profile in technical services. CBRE focuses on highly complex key players in the facilities market in the Netherlands. Technical services and project management are always the most important components of the total range of services. In addition, CBRE strongly believes that implementation should be carried out by its own employees, both in the field of technical services, as well as in facility and project management.