IoT Building Intelligence Platform

IoT Building Intelligence Platform



Wireless Interface Module (WIM)

To control the luminaires, Gooee has developed a Wireless Interface Module (WIM). The WIM communicates with the LED driver and sensing ASICs to provide control over the luminaire and send data back to the Cloud via our Gateway or Mesh Access Point (MAP).

The first product in the WIM range is the WIM-D2. It provides power switching, dimming, power monitoring and DALI control functions. A 0-10V WIM variant is currently under development.

I2C connection from the WIM provides power & two-way communication with Gooee’s Sensors.

Data from sensors is encrypted locally. Communication between WIMs and Gateways is encrypted using AES128 within the Gooee Bluetooth SmartMesh.

Core Module

For a lower cost, single box solution, LED driver manufacturers can smarten their product portfolio by integrating the Gooee Core Module into their designs.

The Core enables connection to Gooee Cloud platform and services via our Gateway or MAP.


Next-generation MIoT (Mesh Internet of Things) network for smart buildings

Gooee’s MESHVIEW™ is built on a scalable Bluetooth Mesh architecture that will revolutionise the way buildings & people interact.

Applications are built around accessing this physical network and our cloud platform. e.g. LIGHTVIEW™ - Wireless switching & dimming control of luminaires in a building is achieved via a Gooee WIM (Wireless Interface Module).
Using Gooee’s scalable Gateway environment, multiple Gateways can operate 100’s of nodes in unison & be managed remotely via a single interface. This creates the Bluetooth Mesh infrastructure which is the heart of the Gooee platform.

WIMs, MAPs (Mesh Access Points) & Gateways support over-the-air updates & adjustable calibration parameters for future-proofing. Once the building-wide Mesh infrastructure has been deployed into a built environment via each WIM, the Gooee platform is now online. The building owner or occupier can now choose to activate different levels of control, analytics, beacon management & 3rd party integrations across the operating platform.


Gooee’s Building Operating System is a cloud-centric platform built on a scalable data and analytics engine designed to securely handle the high-volume transactional data generated from the lighting, building assets and sensory network.

Running on top of this is Gooee’s SaaS applications. It provides a portal for multi-location configuration of automated control, light & energy analytics, building performance solutions, predictive maintenance and beacon management.


Gooee has been engineered to run any type of lighting installation scenario and is capable of managing multiple building schemas found in commercial, retail and residential applications. Interoperability with BMS / BPS solutions is provided via Cloud-to-Cloud and Local APIs. Remotely manage schedules, scenes, rules & energy management profiles via Gooee’s management portal offering a powerful cloud-based light, control & sensing design tool.

Managed data access

Built on a robust security model, Gooee offers a scalable real-time API platform that allows any external client (web, mobile, server) to securely access data and services. Application development, system integration, data analytics and visualisations are all available with powerful REST & Pub/Sub APIs through Gooee’s developer program, and supported by a team of engineers and solution architects.

Enterprise data store

Our highly scalable, dedicated IoT datastore is fully pen tested, security audited and W3C Compliant. A proven infrastructure built on decades of engineering expertise, the dynamic date model manages device IDs and complex rule management.

Analytics engine

Our Analytics Engine is designed to remove the complexity of data analysis, and provide access to historical data in a variety of formats and styles. Our engine stores all historical data and through our API we allow this data to be queried in a variety of methods, driving applications, dashboards, data visualizations and third-party BI tools.


Gooee’s operating system is continually evolving. A dedicated team is constantly developing new features, algorithms, data visualizations and expanding the capabilities. Our goal is to provide the richest suite of tools that brings everyone energy savings, building efficiencies and intelligence, and a new wave of revenue generation opportunities.

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