The Gooee CORE Module provides all of the key features required to make a device or driver Gooee enabled in a small modular package for easy integration.

The Core comes with a fully approved Bluetooth Mesh module tested with options for either an integrated or external antenna. The integrated Gooee application processor provides a range of standard electronic interfaces enabling core functions such as power switching, dimming, power monitoring and integration of the Gooee Sensor platform into devices or drivers.

Additionally the use of standard interfaces allows for future extensions and other applications.

The interfaces are arranged along both sides of the module. For convenience the typical interfaces used in smart lighting applications are presented in one easy to use edge connector with a wide pitch to allow simple integration into products.

The second side carries interfaces more commonly used for further expansion, test and debug and has a narrower pitch.

The core module can either be soldered flat onto a parent or daughter board if all interfaces are required or if only the primary smart lighting interfaces are needed it can be soldered vertically in a slot prepared in the base board providing a compact and easy to integrate solution.


Fully compatible with Gooee Cloud platform and services

Communication via Bluetooth Mesh using the integrated antenna (external antenna option available)

Controls interfaces for integration of either DALI or Analogue dimming

  • 3 x PWM output (for multi channel analog dimming)
  • 1 x DALI output (supporting legacy DALI drivers)

Power monitor interface

  • Communications over I2C to a compatible power monitoring processor
  • Integrated support for real time collection of active power (W), apparent power (VA), Frequency, Voltage & Current

The Core supports over-the-air updates

Support for the Gooee Sensor platform

Secure architecture (each Gooee core is encrypted and carries a unique identification code)


Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 18 x 28 x 3.5mm

Environmental Requirements

  • Intended for indoor use only (IP20)
  • Ambient Temperature -40°C to +85°C

Interfaces Physical (wired)

  • Power (3.3V nominal)
  • Relay
  • 3 x PWM (Analog dimming)
  • UART (Gooee Sensor Interface)
  • I2C Master (interface for power monitoring)
  • DALI (Legacy dimming)

Electrical Supply

  • DC Supply Voltage : 3.3V
  • Supply Current :~35mA max

Interfaces (wireless)

  • Bluetooth Mesh


  • Certified BLE module based on Nordic nRF52 SOC
  • Gooee core services processor (32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ CPU platform running Gooee core firmware)
  • Encryption Chip (Security and identification)