Providing a housed version of the Integrated sensor board allowing use of both the downward facing Gooee environment sensor (GSC-1) and upward facing Gooee light quality sensor (GSC-2) which incorporate both Gooee sensors.

Retrofit Sensor solution with a direct wired connection to our WIM.  Surface mountable or attachable via an adjustable clip to the side of standard luminaires such a downlights and panels


Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 45 x 18 x 11.5mm

Environmental Requirements

  • Intended for indoor use only (IP20)
  • Ambient Temperature 0 to 70°C

Electrical Supply

  • DC Supply Voltage : 3.3V
  • DC Supply Current : 16.5mA


  • Integrated sensor ASICs with processor, signal amplification and conversion on a single board with connectors.
  • Upper window (GSC2) to be placed in-line with light output or able to read light spill

Interfaces Physical (wired)

  • Connection to WIM or SR Dongle via  4 pole connector
  • Molex Pico-Clasp™ 1.00mm (501939-0400)