The eye of Gooee’s platform is our unique sensor platform. It is designed to capture environmental data and human activity, along with monitoring the luminaires performance.

This solution provides a housed version of our integrated sensor board allowing the use of both the downward facing Gooee environment sensor (GSC-1) and upward facing Gooee light quality sensor (GSC-2).

Facing downwards – the sensor has the capability of detecting motion, direction, ambient light level and operating temperature.

Upwards – the sensor monitors light intensity and color quality for predictive maintenance benefits.

Functionality includes: absence and presence detection as well as ambient light sensing (ALS) for daylight harvesting. This replaces the need for additional PIRs and ALS sensors.

As a retrofit sensor solution, this is achieved with a direct wired connection to our WIM. Surface mountable or attachable via an adjustable clip to the side of standard luminaires such as downlights and panels.

Note: Image is for representational purposes and may vary depending on model variant


  • Built-in edge processing – no images transferred outside of the device (GSC1)
  • Motion detection (normal ambient light conditions GSC1)
  • Ambient light measurement (GSC1)
  • Light level relative to an initial measured value (GSC2)
  • Light relative colourpoint RGB (GSC2)
  • Motion detection (no/ low light levels – PIR)
  • Supports OTA firmware updates (for later introduction of additional functionality)


Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 48.8 x 18 x 15.7mm

Detection Capabilities

  • GSC1 Optic – 65° FOV (Example coverage @ 3m height = 3.8m x 3.8m [14.4m­²])
  • PIR Fresnel – 85° FOV (Example coverage @ 3m height = 5m x 5m [25m²])*
    *Specification subject to modification. Please enquire

Environmental Requirements

  • Intended for indoor use only (IP20)
  • Ambient Temperature 0 to 70°C

Application Requirements

  • Upper window (GSC2) to be placed in-line with light output or able to read light spill

Electrical Supply

  • DC Supply voltage: 3.3V
  • DC Supply current: 16.5mA (GSC1 + GSC2 variant)


  • Integrated sensor ASICs with the processor, signal amplification and conversion on a single board with connectors

Interfaces Physical (Wired)

  • Connection to WIM via 4 pole connector
  • Molex Pico-Clasp™ 1.00mm (501939-0400)


Part Ref.



Sensor clip – GSC1 Assy


Sensor clip – GSC1 + PIR Assy


Sensor clip – GSC1 + GSC2 Assy

*Available 1Q19