The Gooee WIM-D2 DALI Dongle provides a wireless interface between DALI systems and the Gooee Building operating System (BoS).

It functions on the DALI Bus as a controller providing a communications and sensing interface for a luminaire, utilizing a powered DALI Bus for power.

The WIM-D2 can be connected to a wireless network for control via Gooee’s Bluetooth SmartMesh. The WIM-D2 provides power switching, dimming, power monitoring and DALI control functions.

In addition, the WIM-D2 also provides a 2-way I2C interface for the Gooee sensor module providing environment & light quality data. Data from sensors is encrypted locally and communication between WIMs and Gateways or MAPs is encrypted using AES128 within the mesh.

The WIM-D2 currently supports one-to-one communication with Philips SR drivers and, in the future, will support reporting from multiple SR drivers (up to 8) controlled as a single group. Additional WIM variants are under development for 0-10V.


Standard DALI Bus powered, broadcast controller.

Currently compatible with Philips SR drivers*.
* Additional compatibility under testing


  • Gooee’s Bluetooth SmartMesh
  • Gooee sensor module interface on all versions

Fully compatible with Gooee Building operating System (BoS) and services.

The WIM-D2 supports over-the-air updates of firmware and passthrough updates for the Gooee sensor platform.



Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 90 x 33 x 24mm
  • Mounting: M3 or M4 Screw
  • Weight: 0.016 kg
  • Colour: White (RAL9010)
  • Connectors DALI : 0.25-2.5mm2 (1.5mm2 with ferrule)
  • Connector Sensor: Molex 5019530407 (use compatible latching plug)

Environmental Requirements

  • Intended for indoor use only
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Humidity 0-95% non condensing
  • Maximum case temperature (TC): 70°C
  • Approvals: CE (ENEC, RED, EMC)

Electrical Supply

  • Supply voltage: DALI PSU according to IEC 62386 Part 101:2014
  • Power requirements (peak) – with sensor: 35mA
  • Power requirements (peak) – without sensor: 20mA

Physical Interfaces (Wired)

  • DALI / Power: 2-Pole screwless terminal block
  • Sensor: Gooee sensor interface (RS232)

Wireless Interfaces 
(Communications Module)

  • Gooee Bluetooth SmartMesh
  • Services (Communications / Control)

Reporting Luminaire Status 
(Philips SR Only)

  • Reporting luminaire power usage (Philips SR only)
  • DALI dimming
  • Sensor status (Gooee Sensor Interface)


  • Compatible with Gooee Sensor Module


Features DALI 1 DALI 2 Philips SR*
1 Way      
2 Way  **  
Power monitoring   
Operating hours 
Fault logs 
Addressing of individual devices 

* Additional compatibility under testing. Please contact for more details.

** The current WIM-D2 hardware provides for this functionality.
Firmware is currently in development.