Wireless Lighting

Remote Control via Web + Mobile App

Control every light, space, or building from a single location anywhere in the world. Two methods of control - web and mobile - enable both ease of management and the flexibility to tweak settings on the go.

Scheduling & Scenes

Schedule lighting to turn on, off or dim at any time. Use scenes to preset dimming levels and colours to ensure each space has the right type of lighting

Active Occupancy & Daylight Harvesting

Have your lighting adapt to real-time occupancy & use daylight harvesting to minimise energy wastage

Personalizable Lighting Experience

Create lighting preferences that minimize lighting wastage & can be standardised across your buildings. Empower uses to create their own scenes and schedules, providing employees with the option to fully customise the lighting in their space to suit their needs

Easy Installation & Cost Reductions

Minimize the cost of installation and maintenance of the lighting network by installing a wireless bluetooth powered system that is easy to replace & extend