Environmental & behavioural analytics data collected from spatial sensing
Occupancy • Headcount • Space utilisation

SPACEVIEW™ creates a single-pane view of your environment and provides a greater understanding of the space utilisation from an entire building down to an individual desk. Provides data that enables building managers to improve the operation, design and efficiency of a SPACEVIEW™ enabled building.
SPACEVIEW™ is powered by live and historical data collected from spatial sensing within the envelope of the building. Visualise the activity of a building’s occupants through a collection of multi-function sensors, consolidated onto a single platform.


  • Rationalise multi-sensory inputs into a single-pane view
  • Identify desk based, meeting room or open plan occupancy & utilisation
  • Integrated analytics on custom, bounded areas and configurable floorspace level roll-up
  • Consolidate data from occupancy & environmental sensing hardware including air quality, light levels, ambient temperature & humidity
  • Integration into the Gooee query builder and analytics stack for additional insights
  • Exchange data across building subsystems within Gooee OS, API, IP/Wifi or Bluetooth Mesh



Lever multiple different types of sensor data to accurately track meeting, desk and room usage

Interoperable platform designed around integration allows expanding beyond single sensor vendor
Merge utilisation and meeting room data together to get a single view of employee space usage

Paint an accurate picture of where people are within your space for emergency evaluation, health and safety and data-driven insight into portfolio scaling decisions

Multi-Function Sensors on a Single Platform

Gooee has partnered with several hardware providers of higher resolution sensing to augment with our GSB sensing capability, in one platform.

We are constantly forming new relationships with innovative technology developers to support their integration into the Gooee platform. If you have a device that adds value to overall spatial & environmental sensing, get in touch

Customers benefit from having access to an interoperable architecture that encourages the inclusion of 3rd party devices onto the platform via an API or locally over IP / Wifi / Bluetooth SmartMesh.

This drives flexibility, freedom to select best-in-class devices and removes the constraints of expensive siloed, single-source solutions. It’s about putting more control in the hands of the end-user from both a vendor and data management perspective.


High density, low resolution sensing

Gooee’s purpose-built light & vector GSC sensor is discreetly integrated into luminaires. It's primary function is related to lighting control and predictive maintenance in our LightView™ application.

However, when the data values are bought into SpaceView™, you can utilise its absence and presence detection as well as ambient light sensing (ALS) This replaces the need for additional PIRs and ALS sensors.

By the virtue of being integrated into (or attached to) a luminaire, the volume and density of GSCs throughout a building provide wide area coverage of basic occupancy and ambient light measurements.

This data can be used to turn HVAC on/off, inform occupants of the brightest areas within a building as well as help visualise the frequency of an areas utilisation.

Mid density, mid resolution sensing

Utilising a high resolution sensor combined with an IR point cloud; the SpaceView™ enabled GPG2 can discretely measure the percentage of occupancy over a time period or live or historic count the amount of people in a meeting room, classroom or lecture theatre. This can give insights into the efficiency of the space used or attendance.

The same technology can be applied to count the occupancy of workstations in flexible working environments for a group of desks in a specific area or department.

Applying the virtual line crossing features of the sensor enables the trigger of an event or alarm if an individual goes beyond a predetermined virtual line created at the time of setup.

When tied to the Gooee analytics engine powerful space utilisation metrics of a facility can now be activated using sensor data to gain valuable insights into a building's operation and efficiency.

Mid density, High resolution sensing

The more powerful, extremely accurate abilities of the GXE sensor range can also offer individual desk or area counting as well as height dependent virtual line crossing. Areas can also range is for capturing the dwell time of people.

The GXE sensor range also offer real-time XY coordinates which enable a snapshot of exact positioning of individuals within a space, using these coordinates a visual heat map of high/low traffic areas can be generated.

The GXE sensor range is particularly valuable in situations such as receptions or lobbies where there is an expectation of large numbers of people.

Anonymously track and differentiate between individuals at a shoulder-to-shoulder level across up to 8 sensors, or more if an additional gateway is added.