Sylvania Enters the Gooee IoT Arena at Building Holland

Sylvania Lighting’s leadership as a lighting manufacturer results from our rich history, which extends back more than a century. Today, Sylvania Lighting is a global leader – both as a producer and distributor of leading-edge light fixtures and light sources.

We will be happy to demonstrate the latest innovations in the Gooee IoT arena at Building Holland. Currently, Sylvania Lighting is in the middle of a ground-breaking transition.

The company is transitioning from a fully integrated production company into a forward-thinking ‘state of the art’ lighting manufacturer. Currently, more than 60% of the company’s portfolio, which is partly designed by in-house engineers, is sourced in China. Sylvania Lighting has launched brand new, energy saving solutions by embracing the latest technology and innovations.

Effective Partnerships

For many years now, Frits Cornelisse, General Manager in The Netherlands, has made Smart Lighting priority one within Sylvania Lighting. Frits explains: “Over the past four years we have conferred extensively with companies that develop smart lighting, sensors, control units and the associated software. We are not electronics developers, but we constantly monitor what is going on in the market and form partnerships with technology experts.”

About three years ago, Sylvania Lighting connected with Gooee.

From the perspective of a lighting manufacturer, the Gooee platform was extremely exciting. We recognise the tremendous potential of such a universal platform. If every lighting point in a building contains a Gooee sensor – there are multiple lighting points in each room – a large volume of data will become available through the intricate lighting network. This creates an enormous added-value for the user as well as the owner of the building, and this is even more important than the primary function of the lighting fixture.

Today, the cooperation between these two parties has evolved into a full partnership.

Smart lighting 2.0

Gooee has maintained the status quo for a short period of time, but is now making a huge leap forward, according to Frits Cornelisse.

In the past year, Gooee has shown a lot of innovation. Compared to other smart technology companies, Gooee has now managed to create an unparalleled, cutting-edge smart lighting and smart building platform. It is universal and can be integrated with every building management system imaginable. That is a major selling point for all building owners. I see it as Smart Lighting 2.0.

François van Burk works for our partner Building Bright – also co-exhibitor at the IoT arena has played an important role in the renewed collaboration with Gooee.

This year, Sylvania Lighting will embark on their first projects with Gooee Lightware.

Building Holland

Frits Cornelisse expects the concept to be a great success at Building Holland. In previous years, Sylvania Lighting had a smaller booth at the expo.

It was an internal company decision not to participate in Building Holland this year. Experience shows that you have to go to great lengths to attract interesting visitors. But then Gooee came into play. It is the combination that will whet the visitor’s interest: the solid richness of the Gooee platform, multiple parties in one booth and the hype around the event. I think all this will certainly trigger real estate owners, facility managers and other decision makers.

“We will be showcasing the coolest innovations in April, such as our state of art lighting fixtures, equipped with Gooee sensors and control units. This fabulous combination will be extremely interesting to our visitors and will be visible immediately on the Gooee platform. I expect all these innovations will make a great impact!”

Visit Gooee’s IoT arena (booth 21, hall 12) for more information about Sylvania Lighting.