Gooee and DELL city

Synergy between Gooee and Dell on the Dell Edge Gateway Platform

Benjamin Vernooij Internet of Things and End User Computing Lead, Dell OEM Solutions

Benjamin Vernooij has been with DELL for 16 years and he has been part of the OEM solutions team since 2013. This team helps companies to bring a product to market faster. “Our role is to help companies that use our software and hardware solutions as part of their appliance. The idea of adding IoT solutions to the portfolio arose around 4 to 5 years ago. ”Dell has already added a number of new products to their existing portfolio..”

Currently, Dell has more than 100,000 employees worldwide and is the largest online retailer in the world.

Progress IoT Standardization

As a result of Dell’s development of IT solutions, a playing field that mostly focuses on standardizations, the company was able to develop into its present global proportions. “How often do you think about how to connect a keyboard or mouse to a PC. These standardizations ensure simplicity and ultimately also an affordable purchase price. However, this standardization process is as of yet intangible in the world of IoT.” Benjamin’s department is constantly looking to partner with new companies and customers. “We call this match making. Often, this is how we discover new technologies, startups or corporate institutions. It is a very dynamic way of working.”

Think big, start small

The most common IoT use cases cover safety, monitoring systems, monitoring, and predicting failure, also known as predictive maintenance. Ultimately, it’s all about simplifying existing processes.

According to Benjamin, it won’t be long before standardization for IoT is brought to market. “On the one hand The Sky it the limit certainly holds true here, and on the other hand, today’s technology still needs to be translated into the solution that solves all problems. Our motto is Think big, start small. I believe that using powerful products is all important. Consumers are already overwhelmed by the endless possibilities they need to evaluate. The question is: will consumers join this revolution or will they wait for the force of technology evolution?”

Gooee makes use of the Dell Gateway

Dell’s largest European IoT Lab is located in Ireland. At the beginning of 2018, the partnership between Dell and Gooee was established. This made it possible to incorporate the Gooee Building Performance Solutions on the Dell 500 Series Edge Gateway Platform. It makes the exchange of data as well as activities with all back-of-house systems simpler. Ultimately, this leads to operational efficiency and cost savings.

When we asked Benjamin if Dell had imagined an innovation partner like Gooee coming onto the scene so soon, he answered: “That is a good question. In any event, it is an excellent example of the way we envisioned it. It confirmed that we were ahead of the market. Dell always tries to standardize everything. It is important to keep the majority of hardware and software platforms as open as possible for various technologies.

When it comes to IoT or the digital transformation, it is difficult to know exactly what you want to invest in as a company or investor. It is hard to predict where we will stand on technology in five years. The whole world tries to predict this, but we can’t be sure. That is why we decided to create an open platform that is able to support multiple software platforms and this fits in seamlessly with Gooee’s proposition. In fact, this is why Dell and Gooee have such a good relationship.”

The power of partnerships

In Benjamin’s vision, we should remain focused on the operation. “We want to make it as easy as possible for as many parties as possible, and partnerships are essential to reach this goal: not only with hardware and software developers, but with installers as well. We have to ask ourselves: what is needed to make field operations successful?”

“If we take a look at digital transformation within companies, it immediately becomes clear that the usual suspects do not always take the lead. Let’s look at the partnership between Gooee and HumbleBuildings: they lead by example. HumbleBuildings offers all that is required to provide an excellent added-value and stellar results. I am convinced that the synergy between Gooee and HumbleBuildings is very positive for the market.”

Building Holland

Benjamin concludes: “I am thrilled to be part of Building Holland. I am also very happy about the collaboration with Gooee. As I mentioned before, the synergy between the two companies is incredible. We are ready, Gooee is ready and now it is time for the rest of the Netherlands and Europe to follow suit. Let’s do it!”