Top 5 Products at Light+Building 2018

Light+Building is under-way in Frankfurt, Germany and is so far, proving to be the most interesting years yet, with companies such as Philips & XAL bringing cutting-edge technology to the table, for users to experience first-hand. 

Our Top 5 products at Light+Building 2018:

1. Human-Centric Lighting   Osram, LEDvance & Barrisol

Human Centric Lighting influences people beyond sight, helping to balance the visual, emotional and biological benefits of lighting for humans. The benefits are numerous and range from improving motivation to aligning human biorhythms, promoting good vision and simultaneously satisfying emotional and biological human needs. Market studies by LightingEurope & ZVEI have identified enhanced staff health, well-being and job satisfaction whilst also suggesting that high growth rates can be expected from HCL.


2. Filament LED Lamps  |  Sylvania, Philips & LEDvance

These lamps are designed to look like an incandescent bulb yet feature all the benefits of an LED. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and in high demand due to current trends, but they often create a warm glow when used with traditional light fixtures such as table lamps, chandeliers & pendant lights. Sylvania, Phillips & LEDvance all have versions of the Filament LED Lamps on show at Light+Building 2018 and we can’t recommend them enough.

3. Paco Beam Adjustable Spotlight   XAL

This cutting-edge piece of technology by XAL is the first directional spotlight to use a liquid crystal electronically controlled optic to change the beam shape digitally.

The adaptability of this technology is outstanding, allowing for users to control each adjustment using a simple phone app! The LED module is set inside the actual luminaire ensuring that users experience minimal glare while using the spotlight.

4. Acoustic Sound-Absorption Lighting   Buzzi.Space

Acoustics in the workplace is something that may often be overlooked but the benefits greatly increase productivity and wellbeing. With that in mind, these amazing office lights are perfect for busy areas in your office such as break & meeting rooms.

Acoustic echo reducing lights are designed specifically with noise cancellation in mind with sound absorbing felt and low glare optics.

5. Unico Multi-Beam Spot Downlight   XAL

These Multi-Beam Spot Downlights offers every benefit that comes with traditional LED downlights with the added bonus of a multi-beam lens. The downlight allows users an incredible amount of adaptability, allowing you to shape the light in ways previously thought impossible.