UK Construction Week Review

With three fully packed days of exhibiting and seminars, the Gooee stand in Hall 12 at the NEC, Birmingham, saw hundreds of visitors flocking to see real-time live action of people in the arena space, and hear how lighting and technology are creating Building Intelligence that works for the Property industry.

A new concept to bring to this forum, it was a privilege for the Gooee team to share their knowledge and expertise with the curious attendees.

Winners of Best Stand 2018

Joint sponsors, Gooee and Aurora, won Best Stand Award for the IoT Arena structure at Building Tech Live. An impressive multi-screened seminar arena dominated the event, with partner market stalls demonstrating their presence in the IoT market as well as proud Gooee partners. The featured pods from Aurora and Enlite highlighted Gooee’s capability to deliver a comprehensive IoT LED lighting solution from start to Smart.

Speakers from around the world

Partners such as Dell, Tridium, Telefonica, and Microsoft came from around the world to present to the captive audience on how IoT technology within lighting networks can deliver beneficial data about People, Objects, Place & Time.

Gooee’s Neil Salt, Jan Kemeling and Mark Tallent took to the stage to share Gooee’s vision, including the positive impact that Gooee’s latest products, SpaceView™, LightView™ and BuildView™, will have on everyone involved in property, portfolio and building management.

Space optimization and the technology that captures data, analyzes it and then reaps financial and environmental rewards were at the top of the agenda, with attendees staggered by the fact that 40% of current workspace is not being used. These unused spaces are still being furnished, heated and lit as if they were being used, costing companies and facilities money that they can ill afford to waste.

Gooee IoT platform makes waves

Gooee’s IoT platform allows real estate, retail, hospitality and office management the opportunity to view the day-to-day patterns of tenant, customer and staff space utilization and, crucially, make changes to ensure that space is fully optimized. Energy saving margins are significant when lighting fixtures are made smart using the Gooee IoT platform.

Lighting Control and Analytics, Space and Occupancy Analytics, Building Optimization & Beacon Networking are the key features when embracing Gooee technology in building strategy, monitoring and budgeting. IoT technology through lighting is the next step for the construction industry to take on, to include right at the beginning of the building design process and will mark the difference between companies who will deliver buildings that consumers not just need, but demand in order for them to consider them as a viable business to partner with.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Gooee IoT Arena. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the event!