Xovis enters the Gooee IoT Arena at Building Holland

Xovis is about to enter the Gooee IoT arena once again. Last year, Xovis and Gooee met at the UK Construction Week in Birmingham. This year, Xovis demonstrates its unique Xovis 3D people counting sensors live at “Building Holland.” The AI-powered Xovis sensors set exceedingly high industry standards and help to measure and optimise people flow. For this three-day event, Xovis will install its innovative sensors to measure people flow at the Gooee IoT Arena, Hall 12, Stand 21. Visitors will be part of a live demonstration monitored on screen with Gooee.

Xovis is “way more than people counting.”

Almost 70 international airports and numerous system integrators in various industries count on Xovis 3D Sensors. In combination with dedicated software modules, Xovis 3D Sensors have become a global standard in people counting, people flow measurement and in-store analytics. The new AI-powered generation of Xovis sensors takes in-store analytics to the next level and empowers retailers to do “way more than people counting.”


Xovis and Gooee

On her second day of work, Anne Wyder, Sales Manager at Xovis entered a conversation with Aurora Lighting, which immediately caught her interest.

“Aurora and Xovis seemed to be an obvious match because both companies predominantly offer ceiling installations. My first thought was that our sensors would complement Aurora’s lighting just perfectly.”
She remembers; “Shortly after this encounter, I met Sam Hall, Software Architect of the Gooee platform, at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London. As soon as it became clear that Gooee develops software for Aurora, we engaged in an in-depth discussion.”

This was a little over two years ago, and Xovis and Gooee have been partners since then.

Anne Wyder works in a relatively new department within Xovis and is responsible for the Northern region. “My three colleagues and I manage and maintain our contacts worldwide. We are intending on expanding our business as well as exploring new opportunities to introduce our technology in areas other than retail. At Building Holland, we primarily focus on the construction sector, but also public transportation and people flow in public areas are of interest. Basically, Xovis works in all areas with a large volume of people present.”

Building Holland

“I am looking forward to Building Holland. Although Xovis has been active in the Netherlands for quite some time – we have installations in malls, stores, and other areas – we want to expand into the construction sector. Personally, I consider the Netherlands as an exhilarating market as it has a lot of rather narrow yet crowded areas. Reliable data is of vital importance for managing such areas as effectively as possible – without ever making any visitors feel uncomfortable.”

Wyder adds; “Currently, the construction sector is experiencing a transformation. With IoT as a focal point, the industry has embarked on a quest for new technologies. I am therefore pleased that we can introduce our technology to the construction sector. Also, I am excited about expanding my network and joining hands in efforts to map out the requirements and opportunities within this sector.”

Buildings benefit from technology

IoT and AI-powered technologies can no longer be ignored. Anne Wyder has been considering new options to meet the industry’s emerging request;

With the possibilities that people flow management and IoT offer today, we have the option to manage and utilise buildings in the best way possible, resulting in saving energy and money considerably. Additionally, IoT also offers the possibility to enhance the safety and optimum occupancy of a building. I think in a few years, we will reach the point where we all feel physically well accommodated inside a building and make optimum use of the building facilities.

Anne Wyder is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Gooee. “To facilitate the best possible building management, we supplement the architecture in a way to use data real-time in a smart Building Intelligence Platform. Ultimately this should become the standard resulting in the best possible utilisation of our resources.”

For more information about Xovis, visit the Gooee IoT arena. Anne Wyder will be present on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

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